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Antah Lifesciences Laboratories Sdn. Bhd.

The company has recently embarked in the field of cell and cancer therapy and has several on-going collaborations with global research and development institutions such as Oxford Biodynamics. An agreement was signed with the Institute of Cellular Technology to commercialise the use of Denvax, a dendritic cell based immunotherapy for treatment of solid cancers in various stages of disease.
It is autologous treatment, which involves patient’s own mononuclear cells transformed into cancer-specific dendritic cells. Designed to be specific, Denvax™ targets only the cancer cells without harming healthy ones. It is safe and effective and works best to prevent relapse and recurrences, the major cause of mortality and morbidity in cancer.
Denvax™ helps to correct the failed immune surveillance and teaches the immune system to recognize and kill the cancer cells.

Antah Lifesciences Laboratories' collaboration with Oxford BioDynamics (OBD) is on the latest advances in the mechanisms of gene expression, a non-coding RNA and epigenetics. The EpiSwitch™ biomarker discovery platform offers a highly effective means of new product development for applications in screening, early detection, monitoring and prognosis of disease and chronic conditions associated with aberrant gene expression such as oncology, inflammatory, metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative conditions.